Wsau Tv Sir Seven 1954 Plummer Mansion Wausau Wisconsin!

Wsau Tv Sir Seven 1954 Plummer Mansion Wausau Wisconsin!

NewsChannel 7, originally WSAU-TV, started in 1954 at Plumer Mansion, known as “The Castle,” in Wausau, Wisconsin. The station’s iconic mascot, Sir Seven, was created to distinguish it from others.

Let’s embark on a journey through time and explore the captivating story behind this remarkable structure.

Discover the Rich History of Wausau – Wisconsin’s First TV Station!

In the heart of Wisconsin, where the picturesque town of Wausau embraces a rich history, a legendary story unfolds.

Since October 24, 1954, NewsChannel 7, formerly known as WSAU-TV, has been a beacon of information, community, and innovation.

This is a tale that weaves together the nostalgia of the Plumer Mansion, the birth of an iconic mascot named Sir Seven, and the continuous evolution of broadcasting in central Wisconsin.

The Birth of NewsChannel 7 – WSAU-TV and Plumer Mansion!

The Birth of NewsChannel 7
Source: wsvn

Boldly venturing into the realm of television broadcasting in 1954, WSAU-TV quickly became Wausau’s first television station. 

For the first 16 years, the station found its home in the grandeur of the Plumer Mansion, affectionately known as “The Castle.”

The mansion, a symbol of opulence and elegance, set the stage for Wausau’s nascent television journey.

Bob Becker, a historian, vividly describes the Plumer Mansion as “probably the biggest, most luxurious building in the area at the time.”

It served as the perfect backdrop for WSAU-TV’s early years, leaving an indelible mark on the station’s history.

Sir Seven – Adding Character to NewsChannel 7!

In an effort to distinguish NewsChannel 7 from its counterparts, founder Dick Dudley, with the creative touch of Sid Kyler, birthed a mascot named Sir Seven. 

A charming and whimsical character, Sir Seven became the face of WSAU-TV, adorning everything from station apparel to the iconic sign that greets visitors to the studio.

Al Lancaster, WSAW general manager, proudly emphasizes, “The only mascot in our entire Gray company. Another TV station does not have a mascot. It’s unique.”

Sir Seven, with its endearing caricatures drawn by Dudley, became a symbol of Wausau’s vibrant community spirit.

From Castle to Grand Avenue – The Evolution Continues!

From Castle to Grand Avenue
Source: wsj

As the years unfolded, so did the story of NewsChannel 7. In 1971, the station bid farewell to the Plumer Mansion and moved to its current location on Grand Avenue. 

The transition marked a new chapter, symbolizing growth and adaptability. Despite the change in scenery, the commitment to the Wausau community remained unwavering.

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Technological Advancements – Reaching New Heights on Rib Mountain in 2003

In 2003, NewsChannel 7 embraced the next evolution in broadcasting. Lancaster proudly declares, “From analog to digital, we have more streams of broadcasting.”

A digital antenna atop Rib Mountain catapulted the station into the digital age, expanding its horizons and offering more channels to the public free of charge.

This technological leap not only demonstrated NewsChannel 7’s commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation but also showcased its dedication to providing enhanced services to the viewers.

A Thread Through Time – From Dick Dudley to Today!

Reflecting on the station’s journey, Al Lancaster shares, “At the heart of Dick Dudley’s days, was making Wausau a great community to live and do business. 

And I think we’ve continued that, and he’d be proud of the job we’ve done.” The commitment to community engagement and service, a hallmark since the early days, remains at the core of NewsChannel 7’s mission.

The demise of Plumer Mansion  Historic Preservation Commission!

The demise of Plumer Mansion  Historic Preservation Commission!
Source: wehoonline

The Plumer Mansion, which once echoed with the voices of early broadcasters, faced an uncertain fate after WSAW left its premises.

Despite efforts to save the historic building, a fundraising target of $50,000 proved insurmountable. 

Regrettably, in April 1972, the mansion was torn down. However, this unfortunate event spurred the creation of Wausau’s Historic Preservation Commission, ensuring that the city’s architectural treasures would be safeguarded for future generations.

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NewsChannel 7, the resonance of Sir Seven’s cheerful presence and the echoes of WSAU-TV’s humble beginnings at the Plumer Mansion linger in the air. Today, as the station stands atop Rib Mountain, broadcasting across multiple digital channels, it continues to be a testament to the spirit of Wausau, Wisconsin.


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